The founder of domatorTEAM, Matthew Czaplinski had a thriving practice as an architect and designer of custom homes. After noticing his customers using real estate agents to find the right property for the homes he designed, Matthew realized he could serve his customers better if he offered the same real estate services. Along the way, Matthew also became a licensed home inspector.

With his background in architecture, design and home inspections, helping people buy and sell homes came naturally to Matthew and he soon formed domatorTEAM with his wife Agnes (Agnieszka), also an architect, and daughter Kate (Kasia), an interior designer.

Since then, domatorTEAM have helped their customers buy and sell thousands of homes. They are active in their community, sponsoring a number of community events and supporting many charities. The domatorTEAM has also branched out to publish its own real es tate magazine and hosting a radio program.